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Show Host & Complementary Health Practitioner


Show Host | Author
Jo Wyse

I worked as a presenter on BBC and commercial radio for over 15 years, but left my job in mainstream media in 2007 to pursue my passion of communicating messages about health and healing.

I have published three books so far. ‘I Am A Woman – Your Highest Calling’ published in 2017 was the inspiration for the Wyse Woman podcasts.

Kinesiologist | Reiki & Seichem Practitioner (Level III) Master

I work full-time as a fully qualified Kinesiology Practitioner (Cert K.A) and specialise in helping people of all ages at an emotional and energetical level. I am also a Reiki & Seichem Level III Master Practitioner who uses ancient hands-on healing practices as part of my treatments. 

Please note the term ‘Master’ does not mean that everything, is known to the Practitioner, only that he/she has made a commitment to ‘mastering’ the energies of Reiki and Seichem.

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