The Goddess Bhuvaneshwari

Most of us are aware of the practical steps we can take to help navigate what is going on in the world at the moment, but where can we turn for spiritual guidance and support?

Please note that the word spiritual in this context is used to describe someone who looks and inquires within in order to experience universality in all things.

Well in a recent conversation with the author Sally Kempton ,a former swami (monk) about the coronavirus we discussed the power we all have (men and women) to invoke the full potential of our inner feminine energy by connecting with different facets of different Goddesses. Sally has written a book called ‘Awakening Shakti’ which is all about this subject.

This part of our conversation was not included in The Wisdom of Coronoavirus podcast released last month which featured Sally (among many others) so I hope you enjoy the unedited version of our chat. In this bonus podcast Sally gives a brief introduction to one goddess in particular who we can unite with at this time.

(Illustration of Bhuvaneshwari by Ekabhumi Charles Ellik used with kind permission from the book Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton.)


Show Notes

On this podcast you will learn:
  • Who Bhuvaneshwari is
  • Why Bhuvaneshwari can help us at this time
  • A practice to help you connect with Bhuvaneshwari at times when you feel overwhelmed
My stand-out quote from this podcast:

‘I love invoking her [Bhuvaneshwari] when I feel scared or incapable. Her name means lady of space and she is that energy which silently holds space for us in times when we are actually in pain or angry or when we need space to have transformative conversations with oursleves or with someone else.’

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