Ep 10

The Awakening

Marcela Lobos was born and raised within dysfunctional family dynamics in Chile, while the country was under military dictatorship. As a result her childhood was emotionally and spiritually unstable with the threat of war and conflict never too far away. Despite trying to outwit and outrun her early programming, it did eventually catch up with her.

In this Wyse Women podcast Marcela shares her significant story of awakening and talks about how her soul had the courage to break through the constraints of the society that raised her. She also talks about the shamanic maps (The Medicine Wheel and the Hero’s Journey) that she found along the way and offers profound insights to other women who are starting to answer their call from spirit too.

In our conversation Marcela also pays a heartfelt tribute to her husband Dr. Alberto Villoldo, the Founder of The Four Winds Society and The Munay Ki Rites, who helped to guide her out of the darkness and into the light.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • About Marcela’s upbringing in Chile, a country that was ruled by a military government when she was young
  • About Marcela’s family and the lack of healthy masculine and feminine role models in her young life
  • How Marcela pushed the physical limits of her body to become strong and fearless in the outer world
  • How eventually Marcela discovered the demons she needed to face inside herself
  • How Marcela navigated her ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ to awaken her soul
  • How you can begin to breakthrough your cultural conditioning and childhood programming to awaken your soul – using maps like The Medicine Wheel and The Hero’s Journey.
  • About The 9 Munay Ki Rites as taught by Alberto Villoldo (Marcela’s husband)
  • About The 13th Rite of the Munay Ki (The Rite of the Womb) as taught by Marcela
My stand out quote from this podcast:

‘The path of Shamanism gave me a compass, a map to go through a journey of healing and empowering myself in a true way … [it allowed me] to recover my soul, to journey to wholeness,  to access inner wisdom and to find individuation as Carl Jung says.’ – Marcela Lobos

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The Stories So Far

Usually Wyse Women podcasts are released on the full moon, but here is a bonus podcast to enjoy, after I was invited in to do a radio interview with Charlie Taylor for BBC Somerset to speak about podcasting and some of the amazing women I’ve interviewed so far.