Ep 11

The Stillbirth

Stillbirth is much more common than people might think, with around one in 9 babies born sleeping every day, however it is a subject rarely talked about maybe because pregnancy is usually a time of joy and hope.

In this Wyse Woman podcast I talk to artist Zara Kolasinska who was 40 years old, 40 weeks pregnant and 4 days overdue when she lost her daughter Ginger.

Zara speaks so openly in our conversation about what happened to her and her husband and how she is continuing to grieve for and honour Ginger. She would also like to acknowledge the help she received from SANDS (The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity) who guided her through the early days of her bereavement. 

If you have been affected by any part of Zara’s story, you may like to contact them.  ,