Ep 15

The Good Life

Have you ever yearned for a simpler existence? The so-called ‘Good Life’ of self sufficiency where you are living in harmony with nature? Perhaps you picture yourself in a cozy log cabin in the woods or relaxing on a small sailboat on a beautiful sunny shoreline?

Well my final guest for Series 1 of Wyse Woman is Mandy Haggith, a writer and activist who is doing just that. Mandy gave up the conventions of being ‘chained’ to a job and a mortgage to live and work on a croft in acres and acres of Scottish paradise with her husband Bill.

In our conversation we talk about how she is now able to trans-migrate from her log cabin to her sailboat at different times of the year, her passion for trees and bears … and her firm belief that we don’t need to concern ourselves about ‘reconnecting’ to nature … we just need to remember that we are nature.

(Scroll to the bottom of this page to view pictures of Mandy’s home/office.)

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Further viewing

Some images of Mandy’s log cabin, sailboat and views of the croft and surrounding areas for you to enjoy …