Ep 3

The Sha-Manic Episode

If you believe as I do, that the purpose of our own individual trials is to overcome them so that you can show others the way … then you will love this Wyse Women podcast.

Nikki Slade first experimented with drink and drugs as a teenager, but it was during her career as a talented actress and musician based around London that she became an addict. At the height of her addiction in 1989 she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for an episode of psychosis (which she now understands was a profound spiritual emergence/sha-manic episode.) Thankfully it was also at this point in her life that she had found comfort and solace in the healing power of mantra and chanting … a practice which Nikki feels liberated her from her addiction.

Now, 30 years clean, Nikki is the UK’s number 1 western style Kirtan leader who is passionate about helping others to free their inner voices through chanting … and in this podcast she courageously shares her journey in the hope that it helps others to uncover the greatest expressions of who they are too.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • How Nikki defines addiction and how her own addictions began and escalated
  • About Nikki’s spiritual emergence/sha-manic episode
  • Why Nikki is sharing her story on this podcast and in her own book ‘The Healing Power of Chanting.’
  • The history of chanting/mantra and why chanting/mantra is so powerful
  • How you can begin chanting (even if you aren’t a good singer)
  • Nikki’s answers to my three quick fire questions, her most influential male mentor, her favourite words of wisdom and the song that sums up her story
  • PLUS Nikki also sings live on this podcast and shares one of her most powerful recorded mantras with us too.
My stand-out quote from this podcast

‘When we come together and chant with a group we actually experience oneness and oneness is what we are all trying to get back to, and the irony is that many of the great spiritual masters say that the true home inside is already attained. So in a practice like Kirtan we are remembering where we already dwell and when you have a room full of people all together remembering where they have innately dwelt infinitely forever, we all realise we all come from the same one and then we glimpse that, not just from the level of thought but from the level of a beautiful opening of the heart … and then we cry with joy.‘ – Nikki Slade

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Praise for Nikki's book

‘What an amazing person Nikki is. I love her honesty when describing her journey.’ – Astrid

‘Author’s openness about herself gives a feeling of freedom, frees the reader of his/her false shame.’ – Paul

‘I personally related to Nikki’s journey on many levels and admire her raw honesty.’ – Vembley

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A mantra that she sang to her father as he was taking his last breath (which incidentally was the same mantra he sang to her while she was in her mothers womb.)

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'Nikki’s kirtan has the power to explode love in the room, take a chant soaring to the skies, and draw tears of love from everyone who participates. I love the smoky depth of her voice, and the fullness and intensity she brings to this practice.'
Sally Kempton

The Transformation

The author and mystic Caroline Myss once said that ‘it is impossible to heal from an illness and come out the other side the same person.’ 

A quote that no doubt will make complete sense to anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious disease or condition. Illness perhaps like nothing else on earth has a way of forcing us to make changes and to begin to take notice of the inner voice that has stopped whispering and starting shouting.

In this episode of Wyse Women,  Frauke Behrens from Fuerteventura talks about her extraordinary transformation from a stressed-out overworked manager of top hotels and spas to a free-spirited and joyous Kundalini yoga teacher after being diagnosed with a life threatening tumor of the lung.

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