Ep 4

The Wisdom of Coronavirus

Are you someone who is keeping away from the news at the moment, or at the least limiting your exposure to it? Don’t get me wrong I worked in radio and television newsrooms through my late teens,  all through my twenties and into my thirties and I know (first hand) how responsible these outlets are for spreading information. 

However (and it is a BIG however) information is very different to wisdom. Information is fact based. Wisdom is experience based. So with that in mind I have gathered together a group of previous Wyse Women guests (in a virtual red tent) to offer comfort and strength to anyone who is finding the mainstream media a bit too overwhelming. 

In this very special extended edition of Wyse Women, mothers, teachers, spiritual leaders, musicians and even a former swami (monk) discuss what they feel is happening right now and offer their deepest wisdom to us on how to navigate our way through.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • Why nature helps us to feel safe and secure … ‘Mother Earth has lived much longer than us.’ 
  • How fulfilling it is to be of service to others
  • Ways to get creative in self isolation
  • A short cut meditation to ‘witness consciousness’
  • A few chants/mantras to dwell on
  • … and probably most importantly, you will learn how a whole group of grounded and wise women (who have all learned from their own individual crises) are feeling and thinking at the moment. Sometimes when we hear others sharing similar thoughts/feelings to the ones that we are having, we know that we are not alone, and that in itself can be a tremendous source of comfort.
My stand-out quote/s from this podcast

‘If we feel strong and we feel there is a tomorrow – we are not afraid of it. So lets be strong and lets be all together creating love from our heart, not from our head.’  – Frauke Behrens

I honestly do believe this is the beginning of a radically transformative period in human life.’ – Sally Kempton

‘Avoid the fear, there is no point in embracing it. I think you have really got to honour your body, your mind and your soul at this time. This is all about staying grounded’ – Tiggy Walker

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The Language

Whatever type of trauma you have suffered, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or sexual… my next Wyse Woman guest believes so powerfully that it is possible to reclaim ourselves from those experiences.

Rachel Rose’s story is about her early sexualisation and how (after many, many years of darkness) one of the ways that she began to heal herself was through language.

A healer, teacher and orator of extraordinary proportion Rachel speaks in her interview about how as a very young child she was energetically expanded with thoughts and feelings that she didn’t understand by a visitor in her house. She also talks about the quest she undertook as an adult to consciously define what happened to her by seeking out the most truthful words.

Words that set her free and words that potentially have the power to set others free from their traumas as well.

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