Ep 8

The Love of The Elders

In many spiritual traditions an elder is someone who is valued for their wisdom and holds a position of responsibility and authority within their group or tribe. Elders are crucial for helping humanity evolve wisely, however a lot of people believe there are very few of these humans left on the planet right now.

My Wyse Women guest this month is Herbalist and Plant Spirit Healer Pam Montgomery. Pam’s Grandmother was a wise elder who taught Pam sacred truths about nature that she has now dedicated her life to. 

In this podcast Pam talks about her Grandmother and her gradual transition to spirit and she also shares powerful wisdom about how we can all connect to elder wisdom … even if the wise elders in our own tribes never existed or have long since passed.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • About Pam’s beloved grandmother, how she passed and how she still shows up from time to time
  • What plant spirit healing is
  • How you can start to build meaningful relationships with plants and trees using your 5 senses
  • Why Pam feels that plants and trees are stepping forward as elders to initiate us into a new way of be’ing and living on Mother Earth
  • How we can help to retrieve the souls of plants and trees, just as plants and trees can help to retrieve our souls
My stand out quote from this podcast

‘Plants really want us to succeed because we are so related and we have such a kinship. So what they do when you are working with them at this level, is they help you to become, to step into your true essential nature. Without all the facades and without all the things everyone told you ‘you should be.’ That’s what it boils down to … part of their work is to help us come into the truth of our being.’ – Pam Montgomery

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The Way of Grace

After a life devoted to her own inner work and extensive study of the world’s wisdom traditions Miranda MacPherson’s life (as she knew it) completely evaporated at the age of 36 – after a profound spiritual encounter in India. 

In this episode of Wyse Women she explains what happened and how her only choice in the process was to relinquish her grip of control and lovingly allow grace to guide her.

Miranda’s story offers insights and tools to help others navigate changes in their lives with elegance and grace … however it isn’t a journey for the faint hearted or for people looking to step back from responsibility. Far from it, listening to and living ‘the way of grace’ is an advanced spiritual practice which requires profound levels of presence and awareness.

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