Ep 9

The Beauty Way

Carole Guyett is a medical herbalist and medicine woman who blends her knowledge of the Celtic tradition with the teachings of ***The Beauty Way. 

From her healing centre in Ireland Carole is dedicated to bringing the gifts of the plant world to others, and in recent years she has been doing this while her husband was being treated for cancer.

In this podcast Carole talks about the wisdom she has found in her husbands illness, we also discuss her plant spirit healing work and her dedication to The Beauty Way.

***The Beauty Way is derived from Hózhó, the Navajo word for the concept of living in a holistic environment of Beauty, Balance, Harmony, and Well-Being. 

Podcast Update

After recording this podcast Carole contacted to say how well Steve is currently doing and is so thankful for all the support they have both had from everyone and everything around them, including of course all the plants.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • About the amazing way Carole met her husband almost 50 years ago
  • How Carole’s husband has been close to death and seriously ill on a few occasions
  • The wisdom Carole has found in her darkest moments
  • How Carole feels about the use of conventional and natural approaches to healing
  • What Carole believes about death and the art of dying
  • More about Carole’s work as a Plant Spirit Healer and her ‘Plant Initiations/Plant Diets’
  • About Carole’s very own labyrinth, what a labyrinth is and how it can be used
  • How much comfort Carole finds in the Navajo teachings of ‘The Beauty Way.’
My stand out quote from this podcast:

‘There are just so many lovely aspects to The Beauty Way and the whole concept of walking in beauty and how every footstep you leave on this earth is one of beauty … and just acknowledging the beauty in everything helps us come to a place of gratitude, and gratitude is what opens the heart, and by opening our hearts we really move towards unity consciousness and the next world of peace.’ – Carole Guyett

Further Resources

In this podcast Carole and I talk about the labyrinth that she has built at her home in Ireland. You might like to find out more about it by watching the video below, which also gives you the opportunity to virtually walk the labyrinth yourself.

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