Series 1

The Creativity

Are you someone who longs to express yourself creatively but perhaps you worry about not being talented enough, not being able to support yourself financially or what people will think of you if you choose a life less ordinary?

In this month’s podcast I speak to singer/songwriter Anna Krantz about the challenges she has found in putting her creativity proudly out into the world and the wisdom she has found by doing so.

Anna talks about working with people like Ed Sheeran, having her music recorded by Cliff Richard and we also discuss how she accesses her creativity and what she does when that sacred connection isn’t there …

(The ultimate inspiration probably comes at the end of this podcast though when we play one of Anna’s amazing songs.) 

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The Way of Grace

After a life devoted to her own inner work and extensive study of the world’s wisdom traditions Miranda MacPherson’s life (as she knew it) completely evaporated at the age of 36 – after a profound spiritual encounter in India. 

In this episode of Wyse Women she explains what happened and how her only choice in the process was to relinquish her grip of control and lovingly allow grace to guide her.

Miranda’s story offers insights and tools to help others navigate changes in their lives with elegance and grace … however it isn’t a journey for the faint hearted or for people looking to step back from responsibility. Far from it, listening to and living ‘the way of grace’ is an advanced spiritual practice which requires profound levels of presence and awareness.

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The Furmily

Most of us share an intense bond with our animal companions, and are naturally devastated by feelings of grief and sadness when a pet dies. 

However the pain of that passing isn’t always given the validation it might need with many of us brushing away those feelings with comments such as ‘I feel so silly, it was only a dog.’

In this episode of Wyse Women, Animal Communicator, Author and Lecturer Madeleine Walker talks about the extraordinary soul level connection we can create with our ‘furmily’ and also shares her own personal experience of grieving for her beloved 15 year old dog Winnie. 

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The Lambs

It is estimated that around 1 in 7 couples in the UK will have difficulties conceiving which is a heartbreaking statistic for anyone who has a strong desire to have a family of their own.

In this Wyse Women episode, Jamie Linegar a natural health practitioner from Bristol talks about her challenges to become pregnant after being diagnosed with a condition that effects the way her ovaries work. She also talks about the treatment she went through with her husband and how they ended up going through the process of adoption when their attempts to get pregnant failed.

Of course Jamie also shares the wisdom she found on her journey to becoming a Mum – making this podcast a ‘must-listen’ for any women who has ever longed for a child.


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The Carer

If you have ever cared for someone you love through an illness and felt lonely, isolated and lost, you will be especially interested in this episode of Wyse Women.

It features Tiggy Walker who is married to the BBC Radio 2 Presenter Johnnie Walker. In 2003 and just a few months into their marriage, Johnny became seriously ill with cancer and Tiggy gave up everything to care for him. Then ten years later the roles reversed when Tiggy became ill with cancer and Johnny had to care for her.

In this podcast (which contains strong language) Tiggy shares her wisdom about what she learned about being a carer from both perspectives.

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The Language

Whatever type of trauma you have suffered, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or sexual… my next Wyse Woman guest believes so powerfully that it is possible to reclaim ourselves from those experiences.

Rachel Rose’s story is about her early sexualisation and how (after many, many years of darkness) one of the ways that she began to heal herself was through language.

A healer, teacher and orator of extraordinary proportion Rachel speaks in her interview about how as a very young child she was energetically expanded with thoughts and feelings that she didn’t understand by a visitor in her house. She also talks about the quest she undertook as an adult to consciously define what happened to her by seeking out the most truthful words.

Words that set her free and words that potentially have the power to set others free from their traumas as well.

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