Series 2

The Awakening

Marcela Lobos was born and raised within dysfunctional family dynamics in Chile, while the country was under military dictatorship. As a result her childhood was emotionally and spiritually unstable with the threat of war and conflict never too far away. Despite trying to outwit and outrun her early programming, it did eventually catch up with her.

In this Wyse Women podcast Marcela shares her significant story of awakening and talks about how her soul had the courage to break through the constraints of the society that raised her. She also talks about the shamanic maps (The Medicine Wheel and the Hero’s Journey) that she found along the way and offers profound insights to other women who are starting to answer their call from spirit too.

In our conversation Marcela also pays a heartfelt tribute to her husband Dr. Alberto Villoldo, the Founder of The Four Winds Society and The Munay Ki Rites, who helped to guide her out of the darkness and into the light.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • About Marcela’s upbringing in Chile, a country that was ruled by a military government when she was young
  • About Marcela’s family and the lack of healthy masculine and feminine role models in her young life
  • How Marcela pushed the physical limits of her body to become strong and fearless in the outer world
  • How eventually Marcela discovered the demons she needed to face inside herself
  • How Marcela navigated her ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ to awaken her soul
  • How you can begin to breakthrough your cultural conditioning and childhood programming to awaken your soul – using maps like The Medicine Wheel and The Hero’s Journey.
  • About The 9 Munay Ki Rites as taught by Alberto Villoldo (Marcela’s husband)
  • About The 13th Rite of the Munay Ki (The Rite of the Womb) as taught by Marcela
My stand out quote from this podcast:

‘The path of Shamanism gave me a compass, a map to go through a journey of healing and empowering myself in a true way … [it allowed me] to recover my soul, to journey to wholeness,  to access inner wisdom and to find individuation as Carl Jung says.’ – Marcela Lobos

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The Beauty Way

Carole Guyett is a medical herbalist and medicine woman who blends her knowledge of the Celtic tradition with the teachings of ***The Beauty Way. 

From her healing centre in Ireland Carole is dedicated to bringing the gifts of the plant world to others, and in recent years she has been doing this while her husband was being treated for cancer.

In this podcast Carole talks about the wisdom she has found in her husbands illness, we also discuss her plant spirit healing work and her dedication to The Beauty Way.

***The Beauty Way is derived from Hózhó, the Navajo word for the concept of living in a holistic environment of Beauty, Balance, Harmony, and Well-Being. 

Podcast Update

After recording this podcast Carole contacted to say how well Steve is currently doing and is so thankful for all the support they have both had from everyone and everything around them, including of course all the plants.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • About the amazing way Carole met her husband almost 50 years ago
  • How Carole’s husband has been close to death and seriously ill on a few occasions
  • The wisdom Carole has found in her darkest moments
  • How Carole feels about the use of conventional and natural approaches to healing
  • What Carole believes about death and the art of dying
  • More about Carole’s work as a Plant Spirit Healer and her ‘Plant Initiations/Plant Diets’
  • About Carole’s very own labyrinth, what a labyrinth is and how it can be used
  • How much comfort Carole finds in the Navajo teachings of ‘The Beauty Way.’
My stand out quote from this podcast:

‘There are just so many lovely aspects to The Beauty Way and the whole concept of walking in beauty and how every footstep you leave on this earth is one of beauty … and just acknowledging the beauty in everything helps us come to a place of gratitude, and gratitude is what opens the heart, and by opening our hearts we really move towards unity consciousness and the next world of peace.’ – Carole Guyett

Further Resources

In this podcast Carole and I talk about the labyrinth that she has built at her home in Ireland. You might like to find out more about it by watching the video below, which also gives you the opportunity to virtually walk the labyrinth yourself.

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The Love of The Elders

In many spiritual traditions an elder is someone who is valued for their wisdom and holds a position of responsibility and authority within their group or tribe. Elders are crucial for helping humanity evolve wisely, however a lot of people believe there are very few of these humans left on the planet right now.

My Wyse Women guest this month is Herbalist and Plant Spirit Healer Pam Montgomery. Pam’s Grandmother was a wise elder who taught Pam sacred truths about nature that she has now dedicated her life to. 

In this podcast Pam talks about her Grandmother and her gradual transition to spirit and she also shares powerful wisdom about how we can all connect to elder wisdom … even if the wise elders in our own tribes never existed or have long since passed.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • About Pam’s beloved grandmother, how she passed and how she still shows up from time to time
  • What plant spirit healing is
  • How you can start to build meaningful relationships with plants and trees using your 5 senses
  • Why Pam feels that plants and trees are stepping forward as elders to initiate us into a new way of be’ing and living on Mother Earth
  • How we can help to retrieve the souls of plants and trees, just as plants and trees can help to retrieve our souls
My stand out quote from this podcast

‘Plants really want us to succeed because we are so related and we have such a kinship. So what they do when you are working with them at this level, is they help you to become, to step into your true essential nature. Without all the facades and without all the things everyone told you ‘you should be.’ That’s what it boils down to … part of their work is to help us come into the truth of our being.’ – Pam Montgomery

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The Consciousness of Plants

Are you, perhaps more than ever, longing to live in a deeper harmony with nature? Maybe the near-certain collapse of our economic system that we are all witnessing at the moment is prompting you to focus on connecting with the security and safety of our ecosystem like never before? After all Mother Nature’s reality based bounty existed long before the fiction of stocks, shares and other man-made financial constructs. The Great Mother will almost certainly exist long after as well.

In this podcast I speak to Emma Farrell, a certified plant spirit healer. Emma’s spiritual quest has taken her all over the world, to study in the Himalayas with master energy healers, to learn in the Ecuadorian Amazon with a shaman elder, and to train in Buddhist meditation at the Dalai Lama’s temple. However her greatest passion today is connecting with great integrity to plant spirit medicine and helping others to discover and explore the power of plants, a gift that was nurtured by a teacher she now treasures (who I also hope to interview on Wyse Women so I won’t share her name just yet.)

We talk in this episode about what plant consciousness actually is, how you don’t need to go on big ‘trips’ with hallucinogenic plants to answer life’s big questions and the importance of doing your own inner work alongside any healing modality you invite into your life.  We start off though by talking about how Emma’s childhood illnesses of asthma and eczema were the catalysts for her journey within.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • How plant spirit medicine helped to heal Emma’s ancestral and soul traumas
  • What plant consciousness actually means
  • Emma’s thoughts about how plants are used in conventional medicine within Western cultures
  • Why we need a solid foundational inner life when working with psychoactive plants
  • About Emma’s first experiences with two powerful ‘teacher’ plants
  • About Emma’s love for Mugwort
  • About the effect Emma feels coronavirus is having on the natural world
My stand out quote from this podcast

‘For me I wanted to understand how my ancestors worked [with plants.] I understood and it made me sick seeing all the problems with ayahuasca and how the pharmaceuticals treated the indigenous people, but I wanted to bring forth the medicine of our land. We don’t have to go and have a long distance relationship with a plant from another continent we can just walk outside into our own countryside –  and so this is what I wanted to bring through in my work and to understand and bring through in myself; is how to find myself through the plants and trees of my own land.’ – Emma Farrell

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The Goddess Bhuvaneshwari

Most of us are aware of the practical steps we can take to help navigate what is going on in the world at the moment, but where can we turn for spiritual guidance and support?

Please note that the word spiritual in this context is used to describe someone who looks and inquires within in order to experience universality in all things.

Well in a recent conversation with the author Sally Kempton ,a former swami (monk) about the coronavirus we discussed the power we all have (men and women) to invoke the full potential of our inner feminine energy by connecting with different facets of different Goddesses. Sally has written a book called ‘Awakening Shakti’ which is all about this subject.

This part of our conversation was not included in The Wisdom of Coronoavirus podcast released last month which featured Sally (among many others) so I hope you enjoy the unedited version of our chat. In this bonus podcast Sally gives a brief introduction to one goddess in particular who we can unite with at this time.

(Illustration of Bhuvaneshwari by Ekabhumi Charles Ellik used with kind permission from the book Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton.)


Show Notes

On this podcast you will learn:
  • Who Bhuvaneshwari is
  • Why Bhuvaneshwari can help us at this time
  • A practice to help you connect with Bhuvaneshwari at times when you feel overwhelmed
My stand-out quote from this podcast:

‘I love invoking her [Bhuvaneshwari] when I feel scared or incapable. Her name means lady of space and she is that energy which silently holds space for us in times when we are actually in pain or angry or when we need space to have transformative conversations with oursleves or with someone else.’

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The Gayatri Mantra

Deva Premal is a German singer best known for introducing Sanskrit mantras into the mainstream, her millions of fans include the singer Cher, The Dalai Lama and Eckhart Tolle.

In this Wyse Women episode (available this full moon,  April 7th ) Deva shares her wisdom with me about the day her father left his body and the beautiful mantra that she sang to him as they said goodbye. Incidentally it was the same mantra he sang to her while she was in her mothers womb. She talks in detail about what kind of man her Dad was too. Plus of course Deva answers my three quick fire questions as well; her most influential male mentor, her favourite words of wisdom and her favourite song.

Please note that the world was a very different place when we originally recorded this interview in January, so this podcast does include an update with Deva about coronavirus.

Show Notes

In this updated podcast you will learn:
  • How Deva feels about the coronavirus 
  • How beneficial sound healing can be for our immune systems
  • How Deva responds when I sing the Gayatri Mantra to her while washing my hands (!!!)
In this main podcast you will learn:
  • What the Gayatri Mantra means
  • About the extraordinary character of Deva’s father
  • How Deva felt as a child growing up with parents who weren’t conventional
  • How Deva felt when her father left his body and how she feels now without his physical presence
  • Deva also sings The Gayatri Mantra at the beginning and the end of this podcast too
My stand-out quote/s from this podcast

There are so many benefits to it [chanting.] It has a calming effect on our nervous system, and when we are calm that is good for the immune system, and just to sing and breathe and charge ourselves with oxygen is so important with this virus that effects our lungs. – Deva Premal

Beautiful music, beautiful
The Dalai Lama
My favourite CD to do yoga to is Deva Premal’s 'The Essence.' As a matter of fact I drive my teacher crazy because it’s the only one I want to listen to!”
As you listen the sacred space that lies beyond the mind emerges naturally and effortlessly. Pure magic
Eckhart Tolle