Distance Healing

Distance Healing

Distance Healing can take a bit of getting your head around … but it really just involves the practitioner in one location focusing energetically and thinking about the recipient in another location, as if they were in the same room.

So for example most people have experienced a form of telepathy, whether its thinking the same thought as someone else at the same time or picking up the phone to someone they were just thinking about, well new science is starting to prove that thoughts are actually things and are able to be sent and received. 

Distance Healing uses this premise with the practitioner sending intentional healing thoughts and energy to the recipient . Intrigued? You can find out more by clicking the FAQ tabs below ..

Distance Healing FAQ's ...

Physicists cannot describe how this type of communication happens, but they have demonstrated non-local effects of communication in numerous experiments. For example, they have taken subatomic particles that once have been in contact and then they separated them over vast distances. What they saw was that if they changed one particle, the other particle instantaneously changed as well! It did not matter how big the separation of these particles was, nor did time seem to play a role. The particles acted as if they were still connected, or said differently, never separated at all.  

Einstein famously called this “spooky action at a distance” which you can find out more about HERE.

During a Distance Healing session I focus on the client through thought and using various techniques I have learned in my Reiki and Seichem training encourage the individual to re balance their life force energy (also called Chi or Prana in Eastern culture) 

When our life force energy is flowing freely, our mind/body integrity can be restored. This state is often referred to medically as homeostasis.

As well as giving this type of treatment I have also received it many times and I would usually experience it as either a very deep or a very light meditation where I would be able to process thoughts and feelings that for various reasons I found difficult to process by myself.  After the treatment, sometimes it would take a few days, something would shift (it might be a physical pain, a relationship challenge, a new thought or even a work idea) and there was no doubt in mind that a blockage had been released though the distance work that had been done. It used to spin my head but then several engineers have said to me since that we have no idea really how television signals, text messages and emails are sent or received … surely if technological connection is possible so is soul to soul connection? 

You can read feedback from some of my clients below as well…

Distance Healing Feedback ...
There was a period of time when I wasn't able to get to Jo for an appointment so we arranged a distance session. Jo explained what was going to happen clearly and we arranged a time to tune into each other. I found the whole process amazing, I felt in contact with Jo throughout and was able to make some profound connections which have supported me since. I would recommend trying a session like this with Jo, whether it's in addition to a 1-2-1 or as an independent treatment.
I have experienced Distance Healing sessions before and as soon as Jo tuned in I felt myself go into a relaxed state. I was surprised at how emotional I felt with some of the thoughts that surfaced but I knew the realisations I was able to make during the session were helping me. My migraines have not returned since that day.