Munay Ki FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about The Munay Ki

I keep being asked certain questions about the Munay Ki by people who are really drawn to being given them so I thought it would be helpful to share the FAQ’s and answers on this page for others as well …

Do these rites belong to any religion?
No the Munay Ki is not religious. The rites have their foundations in Native American Shamanism. Shamanism is founded on experience, not on belief. The Shaman celebrates and honours the moment and asks that you follow your own footsteps and a Shaman understands that when we heal the perception’ within’, our outer realities transform. The natural world is the altar of the Shaman.
Will these rites make me a Shaman?
No and in fact it is often seen as disrespectful or flippant to label yourself a Shaman. A Shaman is usually given that title by their community and often as a result of inheritance or extreme trials that the individual has faced.
How do I prepare for the rites?
It is sometimes the case that as soon as you commit to the Munay Ki, various aspects of your life will surface for your attention. I found it particular helpful to keep other treatments/workshops to a minimum so as not to confuse or overwhelm myself. I also made sure I was nourishing myself really well, so you might like to stay away from stimulants such as coffee, sugar, alcohol etc and take up gentle daily exercise and meditation in advance of being given the rites and during the three month period we will be working together.
Why do you advise keeping other treatments/workshops to a minimum?
There is A LOT of new information to absorb when you start learning the Munay Ki and some of the practices can bring previously buried emotions to the surface, if we then continue or start more treatments or workshops we can confuse and overwhelm ourselves. Also remember that it would have taken many many years for the original initiates to receive these rites when they were first given. The more respect, honouring, time and space they are given, the better. 
Honouring the elements of Earth (the roses,) Fire (the candle,) Water (underneath the roses) and Air (the feathers.) Along with my chakra, animal archetype and Pi Stones ... and my messa bundle. The Munay Ki helps you deeply connect to nature.
How quickly can I give the rites to others?

It took me two years of working with the rites, I also received them twice from my mentor and spent months researching and compiling my own notes before I felt ready to pass them on. I wanted to understand them fully and deeply myself because whether you are giving or receiving them they strengthen in you – which often means more situations come up in your life for healing. Any form of energy work requires deep connection, honouring and protection … without that you are putting your own well-being (and that of other people) at risk. There are a lot of energy workers that can make people feel amazing for a few days, or maybe a week or two … but because the logical groundwork hasn’t been done the effects are (at best) short lived. The best way to approach the Munay Ki is to learn it and live it for yourself first … I got very clear signs when it was time for me to begin giving them.

Do you offer any more mentoring on how to gift the rites?

Yes I do, to find out more about a weekend workshop I run to help people feel confident with gifting and re-gifting, click here. This workshop is not compulsory and is offered as an optional extra if recipients feel they need it.

Why do you only run workshops for two people at a time?

Energy and emotion can get easily entangled and disrupted (especially in larger groups.) Sometimes this isn’t noticed on the day itself but in the weeks and months after so it was really important to me to be responsible about that.

Why are Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle (in the pictures above) relevant?

Good question, you’ll find out when you start your Munay Ki journey … and trust me you’ll never perceive your life in quite the same way again.