Munay Ki – How to Gift Workshop

Munay Ki - How to Gift - Weekend Workshop

When you are given The Munay Ki Rites, you are then able to gift them to others however it is often difficult to imagine being able to do that. There is so much to take in and absorb for yourself to even contemplate running your own Munay Ki workshops.

How do I know this? Well apart from people telling me, it’s also how I felt myself. I spent two years deepening into the rites, I received them twice and wrote/compiled and researched my own set of notes so that I knew them as much as possible inside out before I gifted them to anyone else. I also tested my gifting before offering them to others as well. Receiving and gifting The Munay Ki comes with a great responsibility and I wanted to honour that.

So with this in mind I also offer an optional extra weekend workshop for anyone who wants to begin gifting their rites to others but needs more guidance on how to do it. Ideally at least 6 months of working with the rites yourself would have passed before you do this … 

On the workshop we will cover …

  • Sacred Space, how to connect EVEN deeper
  • How to gift all the rites and how to re-gift if the seeds don’t take
  • Preparing your drumming journeys – the words and the music
  • Another experiential journey to meet snake, jaguar, hummingbird or eagle (you decide at the time)
  • How to construct your own notes
  • Other mentor tools (including an introduction to the messa bundle – pictured below in centre)
  • Other mentor insights (including how to spot the people who resonate with the rites & how to further protect your own energy as when you gift you will also receive the rites again) 
  • Plenty of time for your questions 
This workshop is also suitable for people who have recieved the rites and don’t necessarily want to start gifting immediately but want a ‘top up,’ a ‘refresher,’ a ‘deepening’ for themselves … and who knows what confidence might come from it?

The Objective ...

When I started to gift the rites I wanted to gift them in a way that other people felt empowered to pass them on themselves if they wanted but I understood that one gifting was probably not enough to learn/love/live them deeply. I also wanted to offer something for people who had done Day 3 but wanted to stay connected  .... 

More Info ...

This is a weekend workshop running from 10am-4pm and costs £125pp. Lunch on both days included. The workshop can be run 1-2-1 or in your original pairing. Dates will be found to suit you.