The Consciousness of Plants

Are you, perhaps more than ever, longing to live in a deeper harmony with nature? Maybe the near-certain collapse of our economic system that we are all witnessing at the moment is prompting you to focus on connecting with the security and safety of our ecosystem like never before? After all Mother Nature’s reality based bounty existed long before the fiction of stocks, shares and other man-made financial constructs. The Great Mother will almost certainly exist long after as well.

In this podcast I speak to Emma Farrell, a certified plant spirit healer. Emma’s spiritual quest has taken her all over the world, to study in the Himalayas with master energy healers, to learn in the Ecuadorian Amazon with a shaman elder, and to train in Buddhist meditation at the Dalai Lama’s temple. However her greatest passion today is connecting with great integrity to plant spirit medicine and helping others to discover and explore the power of plants, a gift that was nurtured by a teacher she now treasures (who I also hope to interview on Wyse Women so I won’t share her name just yet.)

We talk in this episode about what plant consciousness actually is, how you don’t need to go on big ‘trips’ with hallucinogenic plants to answer life’s big questions and the importance of doing your own inner work alongside any healing modality you invite into your life.  We start off though by talking about how Emma’s childhood illnesses of asthma and eczema were the catalysts for her journey within.

Show Notes

In this podcast you will learn:
  • How plant spirit medicine helped to heal Emma’s ancestral and soul traumas
  • What plant consciousness actually means
  • Emma’s thoughts about how plants are used in conventional medicine within Western cultures
  • Why we need a solid foundational inner life when working with psychoactive plants
  • About Emma’s first experiences with two powerful ‘teacher’ plants
  • About Emma’s love for Mugwort
  • About the effect Emma feels coronavirus is having on the natural world
My stand out quote from this podcast

‘For me I wanted to understand how my ancestors worked [with plants.] I understood and it made me sick seeing all the problems with ayahuasca and how the pharmaceuticals treated the indigenous people, but I wanted to bring forth the medicine of our land. We don’t have to go and have a long distance relationship with a plant from another continent we can just walk outside into our own countryside –  and so this is what I wanted to bring through in my work and to understand and bring through in myself; is how to find myself through the plants and trees of my own land.’ – Emma Farrell

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