The Transformation

The author and mystic Caroline Myss once said that ‘it is impossible to heal from an illness and come out the other side the same person.’ 

A quote that no doubt will make complete sense to anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious disease or condition. Illness perhaps like nothing else on earth has a way of forcing us to make changes and to begin to take notice of the inner voice that has stopped whispering and starting shouting.

In this episode of Wyse Women,  Frauke Behrens from Fuerteventura talks about her extraordinary transformation from a stressed-out overworked manager of top hotels and spas to a free-spirited and joyous Kundalini yoga teacher after being diagnosed with a life threatening tumor of the lung.

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10 comments on The Transformation

  1. Susanne Paul Rothmayr says:

    ohhh Frauke … wooow ……. have no words for this …. I ‘ m soo deeply touched…. thank you 🙏🏻
    waiting for YOUR book coming out and looking soo much forward to it 💙
    maybe have to go to Uruguay some time 😀
    oh thank you soo much sharing your story
    love susan

    1. Frauke says:

      Susi, thank you for your words and i am definetely thinking about organizing a kundalini week in Uruguay in november 2019. As soon as I have more details, i will publish it on my web. And about my book i think i will need a coach so let me try to talk to Jo Wyse as I love her style and way to focus on things😊. And for some reasons the universe connected us🌺. Big big hug from my heart

      1. Jo says:

        You can call me anytime Frauke … I may have a few tips I can pass on. I know one thing for sure – your book HAS to be funny as well as deep (like you say) Your laugh at the end of our chat is one of my favourite bits of our podcast.

  2. Sue Buzzle says:

    Frauke what an amazing story. I met you at Stacey’s hen party and we didn’t really chat must but I just want to say what an incredible journey you have had. I wish I had the courage to embrace change as you have. You are so right about being stressed and unhappy making you ill.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Lots of love Sue (Dan’s mum) xx

  3. Cathy Miller says:

    My beautiful friend Frauke. How blessed I am to have met you. You have no idea how much of an impact you have on others in a positive way. You radiate goodness, joy and love and I have nothing but huge admiration for all you have achieved often under very difficult circumstances. I love you lots and so hope we get to meet up again very soon. Keep well special lady xxxxxxxCathy x

  4. Lisa says:

    I am honoured and so proud to know you and to have you in my life . You lift me when I am down mend me when I am broken, and surround me with love and you are a truely a beautiful soul.. my angel .

  5. Helena Enright says:

    Frauke, it was like being back in the car with you in Feurteventura on the way to the airport. Your story has always stayed with me! I often sing I am the light of my soul in the car or whenever I’m feeling a bit down, it lifts me up every time. If you do organise a retreat in Uraguay, I would love to join it! I’m going to back to kundalini classes again!! Huge love to you! Xxx

  6. Lori Dreskin says:

    Wow !! Thanks for this soul stirring interview .
    I found it & you from both of us being in the Way of Grace book club and I had just finished listening to Your interview with Miranda Macpherson. I soo loved it!! I went to look into more of your podcasts. When I saw this one with Frauke that I felt from the description of her story that we were truly connected.
    Like Frauke I was a non smoker diagnosed with an early stage 1A lung cancer and had my lower left lobe removed on 12.29/2010.
    Also no chemo or radiation. Like her, this life changing experience has put me on a transformative healing journey of mind body and soul that I am still on today.
    Also, at the time of diagnosis, I was completely stressed out and overwhelmed with my Special Ed. Teaching career. But felt trapped that I could not get out of it. I was the sole support of my family of two daughters, even though I was married! My job paid more and had much better medical benefits than my husband. Also in order to get my retirement pension I had to stay in the job for 30 years and was still 5 years away. After the surgery which was difficult 3 month recovery, I was on a medical leave for the rest of the school year. Like Frauke, thought maybe I could go back. However, within two years I could no longer continue to work there. I felt that I had survived a physical cancer and needed to be released from the mental “ cancer” that continuing to teach there was causing me! So very Grateful that I was able to take a paid sick leave year off and then retire.
    I’ve been on a spiritual awakening path. Becoming part of a Unity a metaphysical Church. Studying A course in Miracles and teachers Louise Hay, and Marianne Williamson.
    These past 2 years. Like Frauke, ( but I’m not a teacher)I’ve discovered and fallen in love with Kundalni iYoga and am actively involved in an international on line community led by Shiv Chatham Kaur. I ’m also reading and studying the deeply profound Way of Grace book by Miranda Macpherson. I’m in the online international FB book group, which you and I are both members. Also doing a deep dive into the gmy ealing powers of the ancient Hawaiian prayer Ho’oponpono in an online course with Janet Connor.
    On a personal level, like Frauke, I’m a mom of two adult daughters. Also I totally related to her Love of being a grandma. I too am an over the moon Grandma to two . My most adored Natalie age 2 and Zachary. 6 months. I’m also blessed with a wonderful husband Tony whose been by my side through the joys & the sorrows that a 38 year partnerships and having a family together. brings. We are truly enjoying our golden years as grandparents and our retired life together.
    So Jo thank you so much for this! I’m so glad I’ve connected with you from The Way of Grace group and finding your podcast. As for dear Frauke, her story and mine are so truly connected, that I feel like we’re long lost Soul sisters! Even with me being an American from Cleveland, Ohio, and she is in the UK. Thanks so much for the connection!

    1. Jo says:

      Oh my goodness Lori, thank you so much for your comments. I will make sure Frauke sees your words. These podcasts are a labour of love for me and it means so much when I find out how deeply they can touch someone else’s life.

    2. Frauke says:

      Oh my dear Lori, that’s incredible how similar are our stories. Can’t believe this. I just cracked my wrist and have a huge plaster on my right hand that goes up to the elbow and it makes it really difficult to write right now. I will definitely coming back to you once I can use my right hand to write. Amazing connections through our lovely Jo. Universe is crazy and magical.
      I am very grateful for this incredible connection. Send you both my love and respect. Hope plaster is gone in 2 weeks and my hand is free and powerful to write. What an awesome world, awesome woman, awesome connections. Good night girls love you both

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